Emergency light introduction

What is an emergency light?

Based on latest IEC60598-2-22:2014.  Emergency light armed with battery pack (Only Ni-CD , Lead-Acid and  NI-MH permitted) .  The batteries are under charging when the AC power is normal. And when AC power fail, the lamp can keep on working by battery pack immediately.

What is the difference between emergency light and auto on hand light?

First, only strictly IEC60598-2-22 complaint lamp can be called emergency light, or it only can be called hand lamp or work lamp.

The Emergency light from OTC is Strictly 60598-2-22 directive clause by clause.

The sort of emergency light

Maintained fitting

   With Normal light fitting- The Lamp can be operated the same as normal Lighting and be controlled with all the other lights.  When the AC power fail, the lamp will keep on working by batteries, but at lower light level.

   With wake light fitting- There is no switch to turn down the lamp. And the lamp keep on working no matter AC power fail or not at very low level (2 Watt). This always can be found in the exit of cinema.

Non-Maintained fitting

   Normally switched off. Once AC power fail, and the batteries was charge constantly. Once the AC power fail, The lamp turn on automatically, and always very wake level.

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Emergency classfy
Emergency light IEC Clause

Only Full IEC60598-2-22 compliant lamp can be called emergency light

Requests60598-2-22 clauseIECCE   Hand Lamp
Low voltage inspection22.17.1RequiredNot neededNot needed
850 Material22.15RequiredRequiredNot needed
Battery over-charge protectionRequiredRequiredNot needed
Battery over-discharge protection 22.12.4RequiredRequiredNot needed
Test Button22.20.1RequiredRequiredNot needed
Charging Indicate light22.20.3RequiredRequiredRequired
Auto On in 0.5S if AC power failure22.17RequiredRequiredRequired
Power system22.19.2Isolate transformer Isolate transformer CBB/RCC 

Low Voltage Inspection

Rear information

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