Why OTC does not chose Li-ion batteries?

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Li-ion batteries is cheaper, ECO-Friendly, and it is popular in recent years.


First: The Li-ion battery is not recommend by IEC.

According to IEC60598-2-22:2014, Annex A , clause A1:


A.1 Batteries incorporated in emergency luminaires shall be one of the following types:

a) sealed nickel cadmium;

b) valve regulated lead acid;

c) nickel metal hydride.

Other battery types may be allowed provided they conform to their relevant safety and

performance standard and the relevant requirements of this standard.


Second: The Li-ion battery is not reliable in high temperature/Fire.

If the building catch the fire. The Ni-Cd battery, Ni-Mh battery will die quietly. How every Li-ion may expolde and become the fire source. (Take the latest Samsung Note 7 as example ) 

It is a exteremely low probability case.   However Once it happens,  It big events.


If you need emergency light for bidding projects,  You should chose reliable battery to avoid any potential events

If you just need portable emergency light and sell in the mall / online shop,  Li-ion battery also good choice (Cheap & will not charge constantly)



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