How Can I chose emergency light----Part 1

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the emergency light in this article just self-contained version for projects.  The flash lights / outdoor camping lights are not included.


What should concern before chose emergency light?

● First,  Reliable & Useful, no any complains after installed.

● Second,  Good appearance.

● Third,  Easy installation.  The salary of qualified installer always >€30 per hour,  if it can save 5 minutes per installation,  €2.5 you saved at least.


There are 4 phases of this article,  It include:

1. Battery

2. Material

3. Control Gear (LED load included)

4. Installation


Quoted standard: IEC60598-2-22:2014, EN 60598-1:2015+A1:2018; EN 1838:2013


Part 1. Batteries

1-1:  What battery should I chose

According to IEC60598-2-22:2014 


Question 1: The Li-ion battery is ECO-Friendly,  cheaper,  higher energy density.  Why do not chose it?


Answer 1: This standard was issued in 2014.  The Li-ion battery was not popular in those days, then the EC did not clear whether it is available.


Meanwhile, The Li-ion battery is not reliable in high temperature/Fire.

If the building catches the fire. The Ni-Cd battery, Ni-MH battery will die quietly. How every Li-ion may explode and become the fire source. (Take the Samsung Note 7 as example ) 

It is a extremely low probability case.   However, once it happens,  serious events.


 Potential trend 1: The new version 3.2V LiFePO4 battery,  which may be allowed in next version 60598-2-22.  It was proved



1-2:  Did the capacity of the battery enough?



If emergency light designed according the request (A.5.2.d),  the emergency light should work

   >1.5 hours  if 1h emergency light

●      Nearly 4 hours at least  if 3h emergency light

at beginning.


These request is one of the core factor to ensure that, the emergency light can still work 3 hours after 4 years.




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